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Your Music Career Begins Now!



The Entrepreneurial Student is an interactive workshop designed to instill the mindset that one can take action in building a music career while being a student. By discussing strategies and philosophies in areas such as marketing, self-promotion, product development, communication, motivation, and brand building, “TES” provides tangible steps to design one’s own path in music as well create long lasting relationships.

"TES" exemplifies a motivated, creative, and innovative lifestyle that will
jump-start one's career.


The outcome? To flood the world with a new generation of intelligent, savvy, talented, and visionary musicians.


Your Music Career Begins Now! Let’s Get Going!


Tips For The Entrepreneurial Student Videos

Episode One: Relationships

Buddy Deshler interviews Denis Wick Product Specialist and Artist Relations Manager, Mary Galime, on the importance of "Relationships" in the music industry. 

Tip #1 - Make many great impressions

Tip #2 - Not everything is about you

Tip #3 - Quid pro quo 

Tip #4 - Stay in touch, and actually stay in touch 

Video by Matt Jefferson

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